Favourite LPs

OK Computer - Radiohead

Still one of the most perfect albums ever made.

Blood on the Tracks - Bob Dylan

One of the crowning glories of songwriting. Every confessional singer/songwriter is still trying to recreate these 10 statements of loss.

Bryter Layter - Nick Drake

Was there ever a more beautiful expression of british reserve? Maybe Five Leaves Left, but this is my favourite.

String Quartet No.8 - Dmitri Shostakovich

Want to talk about string arrangements? This is how it’s done. Energetic and beautifully complex.

In A Silent Way - Miles Davis

In jazz/fusion’s humble beginnings lies it’s most lyrical, haunting masterpiece.

Oranges & Lemons - XTC

Who says pop music is boring? Imagination meets insanity with brilliant, psychadelic results.

Antonio Brasiliero - Antonio Carlos Jobim

The music of my childhood. Re-discovering it reminded me how moving happy music can be. Gorgeous.

60 Watt Silver Lining - Mark Eitzel

Perhaps America’s greatest living songwriter. In these 11 tales of alcohol and love lies all the world’s loss and redemption. Sublime.